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We live two hours away from Dr. Bitan's office. A number of years ago, when my husband had unsuccessful spine surgery with a local doctor, we turned to Dr. Bitan, upon recommendation. The main complain wason the right side. Dr. Bitan was thorough, personable, and performed a completely successful spine surgery. My husband was able to recover, and be pain-free for years. A few months ago, my now-82 year old husband started to suffer from the left sciatica side. I did not hesitate, made an appointment to take him to Dr. Bitan. The doctor was as professional, as thorough, as personable as ever. He truly cares about his patients and takes the time to explain, demonstrate, and even reassure us. I recommend him, as well as his first-rate staff.
-Viviane K.

The BEST spine doctor in NYC. He truly cares about his patients. This is one doctor that I believe became a doctor to help people. He did 2 spinal fusions on me. Whenever I get x-rayed, other doctors comment on what a great job he did.
-Rocco O. ★★★★★

I am a 47 years old I injured my lower back. I was in serious pain for 3 months couldn’t lay down to even sleep couldn’t sit or drive. I would lean on counter tops to take pressure off my lower back I had calluses on my hands that’s how I would sleep. I needed to try spinal epidural first from my pain dr after 2 epidurals within 3 months nothing worked. I couldn’t go on like this no more I needed help in the worst way. At this point I lost feeling in part of my left leg. So a friend of mine reached out to me to referred me to his back surgeon Dr Fabian Bitan. I called the office right away explain to them my situation they said there’s no waiting please come to Lenox hill hospital in Manhattan right away. So I was there in 2 hours they did mri this was on Monday dr Bitan admitted me to be cleared for surgery on Wednesday. dr Bitan performed a left L4 L5 discettomy extra foraminal approach. After 2 weeks from surgery I was sleeping walking driving & know returning back to work I can’t thank Dr Bitan and his office staff enough for giving me my life back thank you.
-Stephen R. ★★★★★


I suffered from back problems for several years. I was a very difficult case because I had a lumbar artificial disc that was not working properly. My original surgeon refused to help me try and fix the issue because it was such a complex revision. I spent years trying to find a surgeon willing to help me. They all would say we can’t help you it’s too complicated. Finally I was referred to Dr Bitan. I uploaded my images and he direct messaged me that same day. He was willing to help me. The whole process has been great. His assistant Dawn set up all the appointments and worked through my insurance to get it all approved. I flew in from FL and met Dr Bitan’s team. All of them treated me like family. My surgery was no joke, it took all day but they were able to successfully remove the prodisc and perform the fusion. During the hospital stay all of his team was in constant communication with my wife and I. Im extremely thankful for Dr Bitan and his entire team.
-Justin M N. ★★★★★


Dr. Bitan has operated on me three times. He is a phenomenal surgeon and the most decent man. Because of his brilliance and dedication to my care, I can stand up strait again, I'm no longer experiencing the excruciating back pain that was destroying my life for 5 years while my spine collapsed, and my faith in doctors has been restored. He and Dawn have become part of my family over the past 7 years. We all love him. He is an awesome person and surgeon. He is interesting to talk to, he is well traveled, and he is so "normal" for such a skilled surgeon. Meaning, he is not socially awkward or disconnected from his patients' experiences like so many doctors I've known over the last 23 years. He is clearly a genius surgeon with blessed hands. And, Dr. Bitan and his wife, Dawn, make an excellent team. Dawn always responds to my calls/texts/emails promptly and he has always made himself available to talk to me. He even called me while he was vacationing in France! He is devoted. You can tell that he is passionate about changing lives. Dawn is just lovely! She is wonderful to communicate with, too. This duo has gone above and beyond to help me every single time I've needed their help. He is a genius with with blessed hands. Thank you, Dr. Bitan and Dawn! My family and I adore you and we appreciate you more than you could ever know.
-Whitney L. ★★★★★


Dr. Bitan and staff are very attentive with your well being and excellent care.

-Kenneth C. ★★★★★

I am very thankful for choosing Dr. Bitan for my recent cervical disc replacement surgery. I was suffering from severe pain on my neck and numbness on my arm and fingers for over 6 months. I tried acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractor, physical therapy, decompression treatments and took pain medicine for months. I even had multiple epidural injections and none of them helped. Finally a co-worker referred me to see Dr. Bitan for a consultation. Dr. Bitan spent almost two hours on my first consultation to review my MRI/X-Ray, discussed my options, answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. Dr. Bitan made both me and my wife feel so comfortable and confident that I made my decision on the spot to have the surgery done. My experience with Dr. Bitan, his team in the operating room and his staff in his office are absolutely the best I have ever had. Dawn and Kevin from his office are always in contact with me from before to after the surgery. Dawn is so caring that she walked me through the entire process in detail and she checks-up on me with calls and texts often before and after my surgery. I had my surgery on 4/21/21 and I am now pain free, no more numbness and I am able to do the things I used to love doing. Dr. Bitan gave my quality of life back and I am forever thankful for that. I will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Bitan to anyone I know that needs the help.
-Tak C. ★★★★★


Dr Bitan is an amazing surgeon and one of the finest human beings you will ever meet, he has performed several very complicated surgeries on both my Lumbar and Cervical spine and given me back my life from what had become an unbearable amount of pain. He is very skilled but without the arrogance that often comes with a Dr of his skill and experience.

-Joseph C. ★★★★★

Dr. Bitan is the first surgeon in the US to push for and get FDA approval for his life-changing disc replacement and related spinal surgeries. With his renowned skill level, he brings an unparalleled attention to the specific needs of each patient. Both my husband and I have had discs replaced by him, (cervical and/or lumbar) as well as other procedures including a unique approach to cervical spinal fusion. There is no other surgeon we would trust with such critical procedures. He has performed thousands of these surgeries, at the prestigious Lenox Hill Hospital, where he is Director of Spinal Surgery. While other surgeons would choose barbaric traditional fusion, leaving a patient often worse off than before, Dr. Bitan's focus is on groundbreaking techniques to restore a patient's quality of life with minimal scarring and recovery time. He and his office staff are kind and attentive, even offering a complimentary cup of espresso. I can't say enough about how caring everyone is, and I urge anyone who needs orthopedic surgery to save time and aggravation by seeing Dr. Bitan first, you will be in the best of hands.
-Michelle G. ★★★★★

I am so thankful that I chose Dr. Bitan to do my surgery! I had a herniated disc that needed emergency surgery because it was pressing on all my nerves and causing so much pain and discomfort for months. I was scared to do any kind of surgery so I put it off for a while and ended up needing emergency surgery. I had the surgery on 10/30/2020 and I am recovering well and pain free, something I didn’t think I’d ever be able to say again. Dr. Bitan was very informative before and after the surgery. He answered all my questions and made me feel so comfortable and cared for throughout the whole process. The staff is extremely kind, patient, and supportive. Dawn has been so caring and sweet from the day I called about my concern to the week after the surgery. She texted and called to check in on me and see how I was feeling after the surgery. I honestly have never been to a doctors office where the staff genuinely cares about their patients as much as they do.
- Christina D. ★★★★★

This Doctor is the best I had my surgery two years now and thanks to him I feel GOOD, thanks again Doctor Bitan
- Frank W. ★★★★★


Dr. Bitan is not only extremely knowledgeable he s also does not rush through your appointment. He ensures that all your questions are answered and that you have a full understanding of your prognosis. It is very evident that he cares about his patients
- Frank D. ★★★★★

After years of suffering and not being able to walk I met Dr. Bitan. He preformed corrective surgery for my broken back and neck. The care i recieved from Dr. Bitan was outstanding!
It's rare to find the combination of excellent skill and true compasion. My heart felt thanks to Dr. Bitan , Dawn and the entire surgical team. Finally , i am able to walk again!

- Christine G. ★★★★★


My experience at Manhattan Orthopedics was perfect.. Dr. Bitan is the best there is. The staff is extremely professional and caring... There was no wait time..I had bilateral SI injections. There was very little pain involved and it was done meticulously.
I recommend highly!

- Bette S. ★★★★★

Dr. Fabien Bitan was my "second opinion" doctor since my doctor here in Colorado said my compressed fracture of L1 was healed only two months after my being thrown from a horse. I was still experiencing great pain upon bending so I was relieved to hear that Dr. Bitan could perform a non-invasive Kyphoplasty surgery rather than the invasive Fusion surgery recommended by my Colorado doctor if I didn't heal (Kyphoplasty works best if the bone is not healed and is malleable). Due to COVID-19, my original surgery date was cancelled and re-scheduled three times so by the time I was able to have surgery on the fourth surgery date of June 16th, 2020 in NYC, my L1 vertebra had healed to such an extent that Dr. Bitan could only do so much to repair the damage. Fortunately, the surgery he performed was so effective that it has allowed me to now resume my physical activities of horseback riding, horse leading disabled riders, skiing and hiking. I feel I just got my life back! I don't usually travel from Colorado to distant destinations for health care but I am so grateful I took this chance as Dr. Bitan and his office staff were as accommodating as anyone could have been given our scheduling complications due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I could not recommend Dr. Bitan highly enough as a skilled, competent and knowledgable doctor and a caring human being.
-Anita C. ★★★★★

-Michael D. ★★★★★


-Jimmy H. ★★★★★

I can’t say enough good things about Dr.Bitan! My mother came from Florida to visit with several surgeons after having a failed fusion by a doctor in Florida 18 months prior. We met with several doctors and all gave little hope of relief for my mom. Dr. Bitan took the time to speak with my mom, examine her and develop a course of action to determine the source of the pain.
After one quick test he determined the source of the pain and developed a plan of action. Coordination was challenging as my mom lives in Florida. Dr. Bitan made it easy. He even offered to make house calls to remove my moms drains when she couldn’t get to the office.
Once again we are so happy that we found Dr. Bitan.

-Eric N. ★★★★★

Dr. Bitan did a great job. Had to have a revision spinal fusion surgery. He was able to fix everything that went wrong from my first spinal fusion surgery. I went from a wheelchair to walking now without even a cane. I got my life back thanks to him. I strongly recommend him as a surgeon. He is also kind and compassionate to his patients. Anyone who has spinal problems that other doctors were unable to fix should go to him.
Btr F. ★★★★★


My life savior literally, performed my spinal surgery when I was 15 years old, although I have back cramps and pain I do feel good. Thank you so much you are the best Doctor ever looking forward to see him again to check up on my surgery.

-Dahiana L. ★★★★★

Met with him 4 months prior to my surgery after i had a car accident. He gave me my options and information then gave me all the info, i went home and met with him a month later for my decision. He took his time to explain the procedures and everyone involved. He explained everyones rolls and had them meet me prior to surgery to explain and greet. Post surgery he stayed available to ensure my return home was good. He sent me all the items needed to my house(back brace, ice machine,etc.) for recovery. They called me once i was home and met with me 2 weeks post surgery for bandage removal and xray. Now im in physical therapy and have about 85% of myself back with progress everyday. Thank you to him and his staff for everything.
-Livianna M. ★


All I can say is that Dr. Brian is an EXCELLANT. Surgeon that did a wonderful job on fixing my spine. I was blessed to find him. Thank you Dr. Bitan !!
- Marilyn D. ★