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Financial Disclosure

Dr. Fabien Bitan, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Chief of Spine Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital of Northwell Health, is in private practice.





  • Precision Spine (Spinal USA):

  • hourly compensation for surgeons education
  • Royalties (not perceived on his own products utilization)

  • SI-Bone: Consultant. Received hourly compensation for surgeons education

  • Midtown Surgery Center: top of the line ambulatory surgery center in Manhattan. To accommodate ambulatory surgery patient with the utmost quality of care and efficiency.
    Share holder.

  • Chief of Spine department at Lenox Hill Hospital (NY)

  • Lenox Hill Spine surgery education program (residents)

Patients are informed of these financial disclosures and of the potential income associated with some of these affiliations. Dr. Bitan will be happy to discuss them in details and is ready to consider other options at the patient's request, assuming these alternatives do not affect the patient's quality of care.


If the procedure can safely be done elsewhere then Dr. Bitan would be happy to accommodate the patient.


(Example: Cervical spine fusions have a much quicker recovery when performed in ambulatory surgery centers. Upon the patient's request Dr. Bitan would be glad to perform the same procedure in one of the hospitals with which he is affiliated. In such a case the experience is generally perceived as inferior by patients but the final outcome is most likely similar).

Regardless of his different investments in the healthcare industry, Dr Bitan's priority is to provide his patients with the most compassionate care and the most sophisticated technology, and in the best environment, for their spine care. His main concern remains the patients' best interest.

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