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What is the best way to contact you for ordering?

Most of our units are available on Amazone store. You can check the link here --> AMAZON STORE Or you can contact us via WhatsApp -->055 5048355

Can I call your number if its urgent?

Due to our activites and involvment is different matters we might not be able to always answer the phone. You can reach us via Whatsapp or the Chat or email. Whatsapp: 055 5048355 Email:

How can I contact you if my PC is not working?

Check the Warranty section for details. The best way is to Contact us for warranty is by Email. Include order number, the issue and Contact information for us to contact you back for assistance. Email:

I like a product and I would like to order, how?

There is three option to order and item. 1. Website - Add the product to the card and follow the steps to complete your order 2. Whatsapp or phone - Contact us by whatsapp at 055 5048355 3. Email - Email us at We will get back to you with your order details

How do I pay for the items here?

You have three payment options 1. Online payment - By Credit or Debit Card 2. Account transfer - Email us for Account details 3. Cash On Delivery - Pay us in Cash during Pickup at our location or Delivery by courier at your location

How long does it take to build a PC if i order today?

We ship out PCs everyday and each PC takes upto 2 days for quality testing and certification before shipping out. So if you order today PC will take 2 days to be ready.

Can I pickup the items at your location or will you ship it to my address?

We can ship it by courier to your location anywhere in UAE. The Shipping charge will be extra.

I see new components with PC combo option. Are these brand new items?

Yes, we provide package deal or combo deal. Depending on the selection of components, some of it might include new items purchased by us to fulfill the order. These parts will have warranty provided by the manufacturer. We will clearly differentiate new and used parts.

Why should I buy new items from you?

You have the following advantage. 1. Single package deal with all the components to setup your gaming PC 2. Fair Pricing at lowest possible range. 3. Components will be tested before shipping 4. Drivers will be embedded So inshort you would receive and guranteed product tested and certified.

I like your pre-build PC, but can I have some small upgrades?

Contact us via Whatsapp or email to discuss your options. 055 5048355

Why should I buy from you and how do you justify your price?

We strive to be a step above any professional PC Builders in UAE. Our basic gaming PCs are top notch, reliable and hi performance machines. Yes we source the components from Authorized distributors for the lowest price possible and put together an effective PC at the most afforable price. But our core objective is to provide real value for money to our customers. We take time and effort in testing each configurations and benchmarking it against our own builds and international standards. We do stress tests and stability tests that last almost a day. Think of a single PC builder in U.A.E who actually takes 2 days to setup each PC. You wouldnt find any because everyone would like to assemble a PC and get it sold us as soon as possible. While we would like to have a happy customer who recommend us to friends and family. So rest assured when you see our price you can be sure that its the most reasobalbe price for the configuration. We do all the heavy lifting for you so that you get the best gaming experience. There is no other PC buillder in U.A.E with a dedicated youtube channel that showcases the builds and performance. Thats why have sold 100s of gaming PCs and we have nothing but positive reviews.

Can I test the PC at your place before picking it up?

We provide all the tests and assurance that the PC is in working condition before setting up a pickup or Shipping. We can't provide a testing for you at our facility.

Are you are a legal business?

Yes, we are legally licensed business with License No : CN-4022915. We are a Online based business operating from Shamkha, Abu Dhabi. Our Legal business name is 2 FAR ROBOTICS and we are authorised to sell gaming PCs in U.A.E


Can I pickup the item from your location?

You can pickup the item from our location based our convenience which must be agreed upon in advance.

Can you ship or Deliver the PC to my home?

We provide shipping via courier services to any place in UAE. The courier charges are extra.

What if I receive the Product and its not working out of the Box or Part is missing?

Contact us via Whatsapp 055 5048399 and provide us your order details and issue.


What kind of warranty do I get with my purchase?

All New Computer components comes with 1 year Manufacturer warranty and Life time Technical support from 2 Far Tech. Components like, CPU Case, CPU Case FAN, RGB Lites, Switches etc... doesnt come with warranty as its not provided by the component manufacturer

What is not covered in normal and extended warranty?

Components like CPU Case, Case Fan, RGB Lights and switches are not covered under warranty. And warranty is only applicable to the original owner. Any abuse, mishandling, accidental Damage will not be covered. Damages from Misuse, negligance, improper power source or installation location or ACT of GOD will not be covered. We will not provide warranty if the item has been tampared with Modified or Repaired. We dont provide warranty for OS related issues or 3rd party software installed on the PC. Cosmetic Damaged or Scratches will not covered in any form or warranty

OMG, My PC isn't working, seems like some part has failed, how can I get a warranty?

Relax, its just a PC. Don't Panic. Contact us via email. We will try to diagnose the issue remotely. If it requires repair, a courier delivery will be required to our location. We will evaluate the issue and try to fix it based on our convenience. After fixing we will ship the PC back to you. The shipping charges both ways to be borne by you.

If my pc is not working, can I bring it your location?

If the PC is not working, you have to contact us via email and get a confirmation first before we can plan on the next step. Rest assured we will resolve your technical issues if its related to manufacturing defects.